In 1899, Federico Keller settled in Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Santa Rosa, Guatemala, and in honor of his wife named the farm Finca Santa Isabel.  Since then, four generations have proudly worked this land. 


After trying other crops, it was determined that coffee is the best option.  The first coffee was planted very humbly with no infrastructure, no electricity, no roads, using mules and oxes for transportation.  With a determined vision to constantly improve production, the farm eventually built a wet mill, then a dry mill, and finally a roastry for the local market.  This process has been achieved with great hard work from all its collaborators, along side with the surrounding community. 

Bringing ISABEL´s coffee to your cup, also involves many other participants whose important effort and shared conviction we deeply value.


Finca Santa Isabel cares about maintaining a good relationship with the community that surrounds it and contributes in education, health, and culture projects.


In 1974, the Federico Keller School was built and granted to the village of Las Joyas de San Nicolas, where 294 children from kindergarten to freshman year attend. Additionally, the church Sagrado Corazón de Jesús was built in this community.


In the sports area, the farm shares with the community a soccer field, in which tournaments are regularly played.


To support the festivities and traditions, a marimba was obtained to play the local favorite songs.


The farm sponsors a medical clinic and a doctor is available biweekly.

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